From the September 1999 Idaho Observer:

Unalienable rights for dummies

by William C. Walter

The one and only truth about human rights is, if you have to beg anyone for your rights you don't have any. The unalienable rights we Americans so proudly lay claim to as being provided to American citizens by The Creator are quite obviously alienable -- they always have been alienated and they always will be alienated.

The only unalienable right that have been truly endowed to us by our Creator is freedom of choice.

The “unalienable”rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as stated in the Declaration Of Independence; the right to freedom of religion, the right to freedom of speech and the press, the right of the people to keep and bear arms and all the rest of the words contained within the first ten amendments of Constitution we refer to as the Bill of Rights are just that -- words -- nothing more. It was our blessed founding fathers who gave us the timeless words; it was We, the people who made these words the law of the land and it is We, the people who are responsible for enforcing the law of the land.

We, the people fought and died in the American Revolution to wrest rights-alienating power from the predator elites and forceably return the rights to life, liberty and happiness to the common man. Since we have not been very vigilent we appear to be quickly approaching the time when we may have to forceably return our rights to ourselves all over again.

It is the belief that we have been endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights which gave freedom to the spirit and the hearts and minds of our countrymen which made this the greatest nation in the history of the world. These rights have always been alientated by the predator elites of every other nation of the world throughout 8,000 years of the recorded history of mankind. This is precisely why some form of socialist governance has dominated the people of every other nation for 8,000 years: The spirit of freedom must remain repressed and dormant in people lest the sprit grows and they become willing to fight for it.

Deny these rights the protection of law and they cease to exist.

In America today our sacred individual rights are being auctioned off to the highest liberal/socialist predator elite bidder: “Going, once, going twice -- Sold to the icky little maniac with the funny mustache who wants to disarm the public.”

The clear and present danger facing the citizens of this great nation today is the systematic and deliberate anti-American activities on the part of socialist minded, predator elites. “They” have risen in the ranks to occupy the highest offices of our federal, state and local governments and are the CEOs of rich and powerful corporations, foundations, financial and educational institutions. “They” have infiltrated every form of “the media” (except, of course, The Idaho Observer) with the single-minded purpose of systematically eliminating every one of our individual rights and undermining the law of the land. “They” are succeeding in this because the sheeple (those mind controlled, brain washed, pathetic and apathetic American citizens who succumbed to “creeping socialism” and who are blindly, stupidly and, worse still, voluntarily placing themselves, their children and their children's children into a life of bondage to these same elites) are letting “them” get away with it -- and they are dragging the rest of us down into socialistic statutory slavery with them.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that the American people have been reduced to begging for their rights from government officials (especially a socialist controlled Congress) who daily turn a deaf ear to our appeals for them to cease and desist from passing new, repressive, unconstitutional laws deliberately designed to erode away and ultimately destroy all OUR individual rights. The most blatant evidence of this truth are “their” attacks on The Bill of Rights -- witness, for example, their maniacal new gun grabbing laws.

All is not lost. These socialist predator elites are fatally vulnerable to the one God given right possessed by every individual human being. That's right. There is, in the real world, only one inalienable right, endowed to us by our Creator, that is possessed by every person on the planet -- including the common man. “They” have used every dirty trick imaginable throughout history to dumb us down to the point that we forget this right. “They” even resorted to relegating mention of this right to religious dogma so it would be mouthed repeatedly enough in mysticism and church ritual to disguise its meaning and importance: Freedom of choice.

Think about it. Free choice is the integral function of every person's decision-making process and we are born with it -- it's in our genetic coding. It is the one and only right “they” can never “alienate” without killing us first.

“They” don't hesitate to resort to this measure either, or hadn't you noticed? The decision-making process is the most powerful force on Earth because it controls absolutely every action and behavior of every person throughout their entire life.

The success that the predator elites of this world have had in keeping the common man in bondage to “them” throughout history is solely due to them conning the common man into delegating the his individual decision making powers to them. This is the main purpose for the class system which “they” long ago imposed on society.

Every individual has the power to insist on exercising independent thought. Every individual has the power to decide what course of action that individual will pursue in response to life's challenges. A decision is merely the choice from among alternatives which present themselves in planning a response to a threat or an opportunity that presents itself in our daily lives.

Free choice merely means giving one's self the right to make that decision or delegating that right to an external source (individual or organization) to make that choice for you. No amount of pressure, torture, persuasion, rewards, threats or coercion from a person or organization external to the individual can prevent that individuals from exercising the right of free choice if we remain steadfast. Their only recourse then is to kill us. History is, of course, replete with evidence that “they” are perfectly willing to exercise the final option on our lives.

Now we understand that we have one inalienable right and that is the right to free choice. Our rights to life liberty and happiness have been alienated to the point that they no longer exist as the law of the land. Now we understand that only dummies still believe that we have been endowed by our Creator with the unalienable rights to life liberty and happiness. It is time for the rest of us to exercise our only truly unalienably God-given right of free choice to choose freedom and demand it.

I pray that the American people...

“...learn to think for themselves; and once they [have] done this, they would sooner or later realize that the privileged minority (class) had no function and they would sweep it away.”
~George Orwell, Chapter 9, “1984”

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