From the May 1999 Idaho Observer:

Patriots Beware

It is probably unnecessary to point out to most of you that things are beginning to happen very fast. It is beginning to feel like all of the New World Order horrors we have been trying to prevent or prepare for are now only moments away. We could be right.

As this once free nation slips deeper into tyranny and pathetic hedonistic absurdity, we are having a more frenetic tendency to jump at incidents and say, "Aha, see what I mean?" The problem is that the bad guys are using those incidents to make us look like alarmist idiots while they look like the compassionately benevolent leaders we know they are not. They mention something once through CNN, we take the statement and run with it, setting the Internet on fire and calling our congresspeople--and then nothing happens.

For instance, April Fool's Day was supposed to be our trial run at Y2K because fiscal year 2000 began that day in some countries. Nothing happened. May 1 was supposed to be the day 480,000 national guardsmen were to be scrambled all over the nation for a Y2K exercise that some of us, myself included, were pretty certain was the day martial law was to be declared among the several states. Nothing happened.

So, we look stupid, the threat of Y2K has significantly lessened and the likelihood of martial law appears once again to be the paranoid playground for conspiracy theorists. To make things more manipulated, tornadoes hit the midwest and FEMA is magically on hand before the winds die down passing out blankets and writing checks to aid the surviving victims in their time of misfortune.

The purpose of this warning is to urge lucidity in the waning hours of freedom. The war in Kosovo, the Littleton incident, increased tyranny by local police, aggressive vaccination agendas and untouchably lawless corruption at all levels of government are all indications that our once free nation is perched at the edge of the abyss. "They" know that and "they" know that we know that "they" are about to make their move. The stakes are higher than they have ever been and "they" are pushing our buttons. Accordingly, we have to be smarter than we have ever been because the stupider we behave now, the less likely that we will ever be in a position to regain the freedom bought for us with the blood of the patriots we reverently refer to as our Founding Fathers. ~(DWH)

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