From the April 1999 Idaho Observer:

Northwest Coalition lost money fighting hate in '98

COEUR D' ALENE--According to the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment (NWC)'s annual report for 1998, the human rights activist group had a “decrease in net assets” of $43,877 in 1988. Apparently 1997 was a more profitable year for fighting hate as the NWC was still able to report net assets for the end of 1998 at $40,786.

NWC reported that it tallied $12,676 in membership dues, $138,332 in contributions and $155,589 in grants. Conferences and meetings netted the hate haters $28,174 and they did fairly well by profiting $4,874 from “investments.”

“Honoraria” and “miscellaneous” totaled $9,204 and $15,078 respectively for a grand total revenue in 1998 of $363,927.

The major expense for NWC was categorized as “program and projects” and was reportedly $283,695. The cost of administrating was only $57,092 while it cost $42,594 to hold conferences and meetings. Fund-raising efforts, according to the report, cost the champions of human rights $24,468 to support.

The inside front cover of the report boasted the coalition's mission statement as being an association that “works with communities and organizations in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming to end malicious harassment and violence by countering individual and organized bigotry and anti-democratic movements.”

The report also denotes three members of the NWC Board of Directors as being “Governor's appointees”. It is interesting that a governor of a state would be appointing board members to a private organization. Governor appointee Jeannette Pai-Espinosa is listed as the board president and another governor appointee, Jack Lang y Marquez, is listed as the board's the vice-president.

Pai-Espinosa made a statement that, “We must confront each and every incident (of extreme behavior) with each and every person because our commitment to justice gives us no choice.”

Pai Espinosa also wanted to pay tribute to the NWC staff for “Working at great personal risk, under constant threat of violence,...”

Executive Director Bill Wassmuth listed several human rights tragedies for 1998 and included the profitable Aryan Nations March which reportedly netted the group over $60,000 for an afternoon's activism and the murder of the gay 22-year-old Matthew Sheppard in Wyoming late last fall.

Wassmuth made no mention of the several incidents reported in 1998, one of them from Spokane Falls Community College, in which persons who describe themselves as minorities wrote very hateful things that were directed toward their own minority groups.

Wassmuth concluded his statement for 1998 by stating that “With all of us working together, we can develop that vision of freedom.”

"That" vision of freedom may not be shared by some Americans who envision something more freedom-oriented than global socialism. The NWC website boasts links to the world's most notorious one world government advocacy organizations.

Wassmuth publicly boasts ties to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC is lead by Morris Dees who, according to affidavits and sworn court testimony, has a history of violently deviant sexual behavior that expresses itself in relations with adults as well as children.

The report listed the group's hate fighting highlights for 1998 and listed the names of the nearly 2,000 people from the Northwest who donated their hard earned money to promote the hate fighting industry.

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