From the April 1999 Idaho Observer:

Military courts delay decision in New case

Nobody wants to hold constitututional hot potato

The following interview with Daniel New indicates that the federal court system and the U.S. Army are keenly aware that the U.S. armed forces are no longer the defense forces for this sovereign nation. Neither court wants to make the ruling that will determine whether or not a U.S. soldier is by proxy a UN “peacekeeper” -- whether he knows it or not. Rather than make a ruling so that our soldiers know where they stand before enlisting into the service of (this nation? the United Nations?), the courts apparently plan to delay indefinitely one of the most critical decisions of the latter part of the 20th century -- the decision that will tell us whether we are still Americans with the right to defend our own country, or if we are merely subjects of the global plantation who must go out and militarily keep the peace wherever the UN tells us to keep it.

IO: What's new with Michael New's case?

DN: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. On May 28 it will be one year since the Army Court of Criminal Appeals heard our case.

IO: Isn't that a long time?

DN: It's rare for a case to take over six months, but it has happened. But what's going on here is a clear denial of justice. They are stonewalling, defending the “Defendant in Chief.”

IO: What arguments is the Army making in court? What's their defense on this appeal?

DN: It depends on which court they're in. If they're in a civilian court, an Article III court, they say, “Your Honor, this is a military matter, and is outside the jurisdiction of this court.” Then, when they show up in a military court, they say, “Your Honor, the questions raised by Spc. New are political in nature and, as such, are non-justiciable -- this court has no jurisdiction over them.”

IO: So, Michael New is a man without a court. What can you do? Where can he turn?

DN: The civilian courts didn't refuse to hear the case, they simply said that we must “first exhaust the military remedy” before coming to them. The case has not yet been argued in civilian courts. And the military knows that when we drag their assets into a civilian courts, where they don't control the careers of the judges, that it will be a whole new ballgame. That's why they're stalling.

IO: What can the average American do to help?

DN: Write to your two senators, and your local representative, and ask him to please find out for you why the Army is stalling. That will generate more awareness in Congress that the issue hasn't died, and it will tell the military that it's heating up and they need to let it go.

IO: We understand you have a petition drive going. What's it about?

DN: We're petitioning the Speaker of the House to inquire into the reasons why the Army is sitting on this case. Petitions may be found at our website:

This petition also asks the Speaker to initiate hearings into this miscarriage of justice.

IO: And we know you've written a book on the subject, MICHAEL NEW -- Mercenary...or American Soldier? This is for those who want to get the facts and go further into the case than the video documentary. Where do they get it?

DN: It can be ordered directly off our website, or people can send a contribution to

Michael New Action Fund
PO Box 100-ID
Iredell, Texas 76649

If their contribution is in any amount over $20, we'll gladly send them their choice of a video or a book, and I'll gladly autograph the book. We'll also send it to active-duty military personnel, if they request.

IO: Are you going to win this case?

DN: If the Republic is to survive, we are going to have to win it. If we lose it, it may well be the death knell of the Republic, and our sovereignty will become a moot point. At that point, no other issue is of importance -- we will be an occupied nation. True, we'll still be paying the bills and be the driving force in the New World Order, just as Rome continued to be the driving force in their One World Government for centuries after their Republic died. The parallels are almost identical.

IO: Thanks for granting us this exclusive interview.

DN: Our pleasure. What The Idaho Observer and The Oregon Observer are delivering to the citizens of the Northwest is a refreshing approach, and it must make the establishment propaganda newspapers furious. I hope your readers will respond by renewing subscriptions and buying gift subscriptions for at least one person per month. It's a genuine ministry, and brings out the one thing tyrants fear the most -- Truth! Take care. I heard that the Russkies (our allies, remember?) are moving nuclear apparatus toward the Bosnian theatre of operations. The Russkies are right to defend their ally. We are wrong to invade a sovereign country. God Bless us all, Amen.

Daniel New is the father of Michael New, the U.S. Army Specialist who was court martialed in 1995 for refusing to trade his Army insignia for UN colors when his unit was ordered to help keep the peace in former Yugoslavia. New's defense of his decision was that he took an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution and that to serve under UN colors is a violation of that oath because the UN mission, as stated in the UN Charter, intends to supplant U.S. sovereignty and replace it with global governance.

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