From the April 1999 Idaho Observer:

Kosovo: What Are We Doing There?

The black widow spider's web of international politics is so complex and so corrupt and so many layers deep in history, religion, territorialism and the unseen struggle for dominion over natural resources that there is no one reason for Americans being in Kosovo any more than there is one reason why we are (were?) in Iraq or any of the other places our sons and daughters have fought and died in this century.

Of all of the reasons and analogies and excuses that I have heard to either rationalize or chastize our reasons for being in Kosovo, there is only one thing that sticks out as being truly significant. The Washington Times published an article April 2, 1999, by "former army officer" John Hillen. Hillen, who probably has no top-secret intelligence insight into what may turn out to be WWIII, discussed the deployment of ground troops which has been inevitable since we started bombing. Hillman suggested that we would need an occupational force of 150,000-200,000 men. He commented that "the length of the occupation would depend on how quickly a pro-NATO government could be elected in Serbia."

That is it. We are to be there helping our comrades to install a puppet government in former Yugoslavia. Why? We only deploy troops if there is a financial interest in the outcome once hostilities have been neutralized.

In her book Kosovo: The War is About the Mines, Sara Flounders quotes a New York Times reporter, "The sprawling, state-owned Trepca mining complex, the most valuable piece of real estate in the Balkans, is worth at least $5 billion." The mines apparently contain rich veins of lead, zinc, cadmium, gold and silver.

Flounders also quoted the mines' director Novak Bjelic as saying that, "The war is about the mines, nothing else." Bjelic added that Kosovo also has 17 billion tons of coal reserves.

So, we are going to throw $billions in military hardware into this "peacekeeping" effort and possibly thousands of Americans are going to be sent into Kosovo, one of the most rugged terrains in the world, to die--for what? So the global socialists can set up a puppet government that will allow the international industrialist/banksters to plunder the resources of those sovereign people?

We can be thankful for one thing. At least we are not being told that we are fighting for freedom and "democracy" this time. That is the ruse that has inflamed Americans with passionate patriotism in wars past, but our role in this conflict is so wrong that not Congress, not Clinton and not even the dominant media dare try to trick us with that one this time. ~(DWH)

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