From the April 1999 Idaho Observer:

Justice to prevail in Leas case?

Calhoun recusal indicates turning tide

MOSCOW -- The nightmare for Deary logger Fred Leas may be coming to an end as Magistrate Stephen Calhoun has recused himself from hearing Leas' motion of custodial interference. Idaho Legal Aid Attorney Maureen Laflin has also declined to continue representing Leas' ex-wife Ruth Mohr.

Leas now has custody of his two boys but his ex-wife violated the custody agreement with the state when she left Idaho for Roswell, New Mexico, in August with their two girls aged 10 and 11. Leas has not seen his girls in nearly two years.

Leas, whose story was printed in the December edition of The Idaho Observer, has been the victim of one of the most sinister and perverse child custody conspiracies in American history. Leas' ex-wife, her (convicted pedophile and known drug trafficker) husband Paul Mohr and Christine Elder manufactured crimes designed to frame Leas and throw him in prison. Paul Mohr sodomized Elder at gunpoint and Elder then told the police that Leas had raped her.

Elder has since recanted her police report and has confessed to the truth of that and numerous other horrible truths about this horrible case.

Several people, including Calhoun, appear to have been protecting the Mohr's throughout this ordeal. Latah County Prosecutor William Thompson, "friend of the court" child psychologist Greg Wilson, Laflin, Child Protective Services employees and various members of city and county police departments have all ignored evidence that exonerates Leas and have ignored evidence that the Mohr's have been perjuring themselves in an attempt to throw Leas in prison. All of them have also been ignoring evidence that Leas' girls are in an abusive and sexually perverse environment.

It appears that Paul Mohr had some relationship with the above persons that made all of this possible. It also appears that Mohr is gone and that Ruth will be forced to appear in court April 29 to defend her actions. Leas is being represented by Tim Siebly who believes that the state has done Leas and his children a terrible disservice and plans to make certain that justice prevails in this case.

See next month when we report on what transpired at the April 29 hearing.

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