From the April 1999 Idaho Observer:

Kempthorne placed dollar value on children in 1993

BOISE -- Then Senator Dirk Kempthorne voted in favor of the Comprehensive Child Immunization Act of 1993. The bill accomplished the federal groundwork that makes it “legal” for state governments to pass laws that violate peoples' privacy and their rights to be secure in their persons.

It should be no surprise that now Governor Kempthorne is more than moderately in favor of implementing the vaccine tracking registry in his state since he approved the passage of the bill which created federal arm that reaches into private medical practice. The Act created immunization rate surveillance programs and set federal standards for the amount and types of vaccinations that are “recommended” by the government. The Act also placed dollar values on the heads of children to provide quota incentives to people charged with administrating vaccination programs.

The Act even has a section that addresses the “Requirement Regarding State Law,” which states, “(A) provides assurances that satisfactory to the Secretary that, not later than October 1, 1996, the State will be operating a registry in accordance with this part, including having in effect such laws and regulations as may be necessary to operate such a registry; (B) agrees that, prior to such date, the State will make such efforts to operate a registry in accordance with this part as may be authorized in the law and regulations of the State;...”

Please see the April edition of The Idaho Observer for a reprinted copy of the letter Senator Kempthorne sent to Dani Hansen who had contacted the senator in opposition to school-to-work bill S1186 in February, 1998. Kempthorne assured Hansen that the bill “would not create any type of a national database that contains personal or private information that could be made public.”

The point is that in 1998 Kempthorne attempted to placate Hansen over her concern that private information would be made public through business and education databases while he had already committed his countrymen to having their private medical records made available to the public in 1993 through the Comprehensive Child Immunization Act (which is now manifesting itself as a tracking registry in Idaho).

See also pages 11-14 of the April edition of The Idaho Observer for a most accurate and well-documented description of the national vaccine registry agenda. If you voted for Kempthorne last fall, are you happy with your decision?

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