From the April 1999 Idaho Observer:

Sali, Kempthorne cut deal to pass S1183

BOISE -- Public opinion be damned. S1183, part of Governor Kempthorne's militant vaccination agenda as outlined in his January 6, 1999, State of the State Address, was bound to pass -- regardless of public opposition. Through the efforts of many people who understand the horrible ramifications of vaccine registry that by nature cannot be voluntary even if politicians say it is, the issue became very heated. The well-informed opposition forced registry proponents such as Governor Dirk Kempthorne to engage some parliamentary tricks and make backroom deals to make sure the governor's pet bill would get to the floor for a vote before the close of the 1999 session.

Boise-area resident and respected, long-time political activist Dani Hansen said that “We had enough votes to keep 1183 in committee, but Health and Welfare Committee Co-chair Bill Sali (R-Meridian) entered the committee room, threw the amendments down on the table and moved to vote the bill out of committee, as amended, and then left the room.”

According to Hansen who had been working laboriously to educate the committee as to the overwhelming threat to personal freedom, health and privacy such legislation represents to the people of Idaho, had Sali voted against moving the bill out of committee, Representative Reed Hansen (R-Idaho Falls) would have voted against passing the bill onto the floor.

Those votes would have been enough to keep the bill from being passed into law and lawmakers would have had another year to become better informed about the issue.

According to Hansen, before the Health and Welfare Committee meeting in front of people whose children had died or had been permanently disabled as a result of adverse reactions to vaccines, Sali announced, with Senator Jack Riggs present, that “I'm making everybody happy.”

Riggs, a physician and senate sponsor of the bill, owns four immediate care clinics that advertise free vaccinations in local newspapers.

Sali then left with Riggs to draft amendments to the bill.

The backroom deal

Hansen found out that Sali cut a deal with Kempthorne that would insure the bill being voted out of committee and sent to the floor where it would have no trouble passing into law this legislative session. “Kempthorne agreed to support Sali on a parental consent provision in an abortion bill next year if Sali would make sure that 1183 passed out of committee this year,” explained Hansen.

Sali, who told North Idaho Chapter of Vaccination Liberation (NICVL) President Ingri Cassel that he is opposed to vaccinating his own children, made a deal with Kempthorne that is not likely to be a good deal.

Hansen has been confronting Kempthorne on a number of issues for years and knows the governor's position on abortion, which can be most easily described as “pro-choice.” Hansen, who has traveled to Washington, D.C. in efforts to persuade then Senator Kempthorne to place people and freedom before politics, believes it is not likely that Kempthorne will honor the deal that he made with Sali in a manner that will help Sali to get the parental consent provision added to current state abortion law.

Where was Alltus?

Hansen, who was in attendance when the House cast its votes to pass the registry bill into law, said that Representative Jeff Alltus (R-Hayden) “went to the bathroom” when it was time to vote.

Alltus, although not a member of the Health and Welfare Committee, received a tremendous amount of correspondence from constituents who were opposed to the vaccine registry. Rather than anger his political boss Governor Kempthorne by voting against the bill because that is what the people who voted him into office would have wanted, and rather than vote against the wishes of the people he represents in the legislature, Alltus simply left the room and abstained from voting.

Maybe next year

Amendments that were not included in the bill were provisions that would punish people who would misuse citizens' (private?) medical records that are suddenly to be made available to the international vaccine registry databases. Sali promised that he would work with NICVL next year to pass legislation that would define criminal abuses of tracking registry records.

We would like to take this space to thank the following lawmakers for having the courage to stand up against the powerful interests that have managed to purchase enough politicians to usher in the age of mandated medical procedure in Idaho against the better judgment of its people: Representatives Barrett (Challis), Bell (Jerome), Campbell (Coeur d' Alene), Crow (Canyon), Geddes (Soda), Hadley (Poky), Kempton (Burley), Kendall (American Falls), Lake (Blackfoot), McKague (Meridian), Ridlinger (Shoshone), Schaefer (Nampa), Stevenson (Rupert), Taylor (Nampa), and Wheeler (Idaho Falls).

The rest of you:

How would you have voted if somebody that you love had died from being forced into being vaccinated? How would you have voted if you knew somebody who will live the rest of their lives physically and/or psychologically impaired because they were forced into being vaccinated? How would you have voted if you knew the whole story and if you had known that mandatory vaccinations and vaccine registries are not about public health but are about big business?

If your answer is that you would have voted the same way that you did, then there is no longer any compassion in your heart and there is nothing left in you that finds any value in protecting the inalienable rights of people to pursue life liberty and happiness and to be secure in their persons, papers and effects.

Upon entering office, you took an oath to support and defend something -- what was it? Is there anything in those constitutions that gives you the authority to stick needles into people's bodies?

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