From the March 1999 Idaho Observer:

Americans have been disempowered

Their health, freedom, depend upon taking responsibility for themselves

We have been fooled into believing that we must bow to the authority of the clergy for our spiritual guidance; we have been conditioned into believing the personally disempowering concept that germs cause disease (rather than understanding the personally empowering truth that disease causes germs) and that we must seek the god-like expertise of doctors to prescribe pharmeceutical remedies to address the symptoms; we have accepted the notion that we must trust politicians to legislate morality and regulate every facet of our personal and professional lives.

We have been disempowered and the results are epidemics of diseases and government that is (by any standard) irreversibly corrupt. Sick and unable to take care of ourselves, we are being taxed and regulated to death and, as a nation, we are spiritually rudderless.

We have no choice. We must relearn how to take care of our own health by understanding how our bodies work and how they throw off disease. We must stop allowing government to vaccinate us against our will. We must govern our own behavior and we must take charge of our spiritual growth.

We have been purposefully disempowered in these areas because people who depend upon government for their health, their behavior, their livelihood and their spirituality are slaves. History has shown that the tendency of all governments is to enslave its people.

We do not have much more time. We must empower ourselves and take responsibility for our own health and our own lives because we are being poisoned on a multitude of fronts and a lot of people are starting to die already.

In the February edition of The Idaho Observer, we explored the vaccine issue and we presented the "contrails" story which presented powerful, eye-witness evidence that Americans are being "cropdusted" with (banned pesticide) ethylene dibromide. This month we will take a look at the artificial sweetener "aspartame" through the scientific experiments conducted -- not by the esteemed scientific community -- but by a sixth grade girl. ~(DWH)

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