From the March 1999 Idaho Observer:

Senate Bill 1183 “legalizes” vaccine registry

"Involuntary" shot tracking system already in place

BOISE--As the Senate votes to pass vaccine registry legislation into the House with language amended to fool bill opponents into thinking that participation in the program is voluntary, we find that the registry is already in place and the bill is little more than a parliamentary trick to "legalize" the state's militant vaccination agenda.

"They already have this tracking system going--they just want to make it legal," said Burley resident Angela Vasquez.

Vasquez, 21, still gets reminders in the mail to vaccinate her baby girl who died of haemophyluss influenza (Hib) June 24, 1998--seven days after receiving her Hib vaccination.

According to Vasquez, who has since become very busy researching the vaccine industry, health insurance provider Blue Cross/Blue Shield will not extend coverage to clients unless they are fully immunized.

Vasquez, who is the mother of two young boys, also said that state health and welfare agencies will deny government programs and benefits to people who refuse to accept vaccines into their bodies or decline to "voluntarily" participate in the vaccine registry.

The mindset of the bureaucracy that is committed to forcing vaccinations into people, even against their will or without their knowledge, is best exemplified in the comments made to Vasquez by health district caseworker Lisa Clem. Clem, apparently attempting to pacify a distraught mother whose infant daughter had just died from an adverse reaction to the Hib vaccine, said, "When your daughter died, she saved the lives of 10,000 babies."

Until her baby died, Vasquez had no idea that vaccines were dangerous. "I didn't even question them giving my children shots," she commented.

Since her baby daughter's death, Vasquez has been amassing information and contacts on both a local and national level. According to Vasquez, a woman from Maryland whom she contacted said that over 300 babies have died after receiving injections of the Hib vaccine from the same lot that killed her baby.

While the state is being militant about forcing all people regardless of their medical history or religious or philosophical objections to be fully vaccinated and make their records available to the tracking registry, it apparently is unconcerned about tracking contaminated vaccines that kill innocent babies.

Vasquez is currently networking with the North Idaho Chapter of Vaccination Liberation (NICVL) and hopes to form a southern Idaho chapter of the pro (informed) choice group.

NICVL, The Christian Coalition and The Idaho Observer loudly protested H 1183 and the language that would make children's medical history available to the database without parental consent. Although the voices of justifiably concerned people caused the bill text to, in essence, say "with parental consent," it is obvious that H1183 is merely a parliamentary procedure to legalize what the state is already doing to force people to accept deadly poisons into the bodies of their innocent children.

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