From the February 1999 Idaho Observer:

Open letter to Governor Kempthorne

Dear Governor Kempthorne:

A group of extremely concerned parents formed the North Idaho Chapter of Vaccination Liberation (NICVL) last October in response to the work of an international network of medical researchers and professional investigators who are linking the widespead use of vaccines to epidemics of the diseases they were designed to prevent. They have also linked the use of vaccines to diseases such as cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis, diabetes and mental disorders which include Attention Deficit Disorder and autism.

NICVL's mission is to present all of the information available so that parents (and policy makers) could make an informed decision regarding whether or not to expose their children to vaccines took on heightened importance after you announced in your state of the state address your intentions to drastically increase the amount of public resources earmarked for Idaho's vaccination program so that the state could reach the 90 percentile of vaccinated children within two years.

In your January 6 address, you stated that during your election campaign you had promised to "...face the facts and find answers," and that we would, "keep what is right and reform what is not."

The group's concern increased once again after we read a February 5, 1999 Spokesman-Review article which indicated that you are quickly moving ahead with your vaccination plans and that you have even accepted an "anonymous $10,000 donation," to help fund your immunization program.

Please allow NICVL to present you with the facts that we have in our files. We believe that there is overwhelming evidence which strongly suggests that to move forward with your aggressive vaccination agenda places children at risk of suffering immediate mental and physiological damage as well as leaving them vulnerable to a multitude of other lifelong complications.

Our extensive research indicates that, at best, vaccines are an experimental method of disease prevention. We have uncovered no valid scientific evidence which suggests that the benefits of widespread vaccination outweigh the deaths and disorders that inevitably accompany intensive vaccination efforts.

Aside from our inalienable right to determine what we do and do not inject into our bodies, it is of paramount importance that you face all of the facts before you begin to implement and enforce policies that could forever affect the lives and the health and well-being of every man, woman and child in the state of Idaho.


The North Idaho Chapter of Vaccination Liberation

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