From the February 1999 Idaho Observer:

Governor announces aggressive vaccination agenda

Opponents fear program puts children in harm's way

by Don Harkins

BOISE--Governor Dirk Kempthorne announced in his January 6, 1999 state of the state address that he was endorsing an aggressive vaccination program and the creation of a "statewide immunization registry."

"Now I am serious about this and I want results," said the former U.S. senator. "I do not want Idaho lingering near the bottom in immunization any longer. We are in the 70 percentile now, and I want us in the 90 percentile in just two years," he said.

The governor's resolve to boost the vaccination rate in Idaho was made amid growing contoversy regarding the efficacy of vaccines for disease prevention as well as growing evidence that links childhood immunizations to many physical and psychological disorders.

Ingri Cassel of the North Idaho Chapter of Vaccination Liberation has contacted the governor's office and the Health and Welfare Committee office. Cassel, who advocates parents' right to make an informed decision on the matter, has offered to open her files to policymakers. Cassel believes that the evidence would suggest to the governor that he rethink his position in the best interests of the children and parents of this state.

Although the governor did not mention that he would seek changes in the law which would remove the exemptions which currently maintain parents' right to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children (and themselves), that is the approach being taken by other states to forcefully boost immunization program participation. According to Los Angeles County Immunization Program literature, "Students entering 7th grade starting in 1999 will need three hepatitis B shots."

Parents from California and Wyoming have reported that school nurses have been going into kindergarten classrooms to vaccinate children against hepatitis B without parental knowledge or consent.

There are several documented cases of children dying after receiving a hepatitis B vaccination. French citizens have filed a class-action against its government for promoting the use of the vaccine. The plaintiffs state that the government knew that the vaccine was dangerous.

Vaccines are big business

Pharmaceutical corporations such as Merck which produce the world's vaccines are also under DOD contract to conduct cancer and immunological research. Publicly available documentation proves that scientists are continually mutating viruses which “invent” new diseases.

The new diseases require new vaccines that are forced upon the world's public by governments which determine that to resist vaccination is criminal behavior. There are over five billion people in the world at present who could be forced by law to accept at least 33 inoculations each.

The evidence suggests that vaccines, which can be mortally contaminated with an array of human and monkey viruses and substances as toxic as formaldehyde, have been linked scientifically and common sensically to various forms of cancer, SIDS, fibromyalgia, Gulf War Illness and a host of other physical and behavioral problems that are epidemic throughout the world.

Pharmaceutical corporations such as Merck also produce the drug “therapies” which have been developed to address the side-affects of vaccines.

From diagnosis to death the average AIDS patient will require $400,000 worth of medical care and treatment. In the book Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, Nature, Accident, or Intentional, Dr. Len Horowitz exposes the true and well-documented origin of AIDS as the result of immunological research that was supported by the DOD, pharmaceutical companies and biological weapons contractors.

Imagine that you had the following business opportunity: You could produce a product that, even though it caused a lot of sicknesses for which only you had remedies for, governments (like Idaho) guarantee that your marketplace was every person ever born for as long as they were alive. It doesn't get much better than that. It also does not get any more evil than that.

Hegelian principle: Create the problem then offer the solution.

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