From the January 1999 Idaho Observer:

CIA in Coeur d'Alene?

COEUR D'ALENE--When one hears about the C.I.A.., thoughts of intrigue, mystery, and projects like introducing drugs into American cities are common. But Nick Landholt, a native Texan and U.S. Navy veteran, started the Christian Information Alliance to support and assist Americans in exposing the continuing encroachment of citizens rights and liberties by federal, state and, in many cases, local authorities.

The CIA was founded as an information clearinghouse, and is educating its members in four key areas:

1. The voluntary nature of income “taxes”... Notwithstanding the fact that income taxes are immoral and constitute the plundering of citizens hard earned wages, inheritance, etc. the government uses this money to fund a variety of unconstitutional projects. To name just a few:

a. worldwide police actions via the United Nations

b. providing free handouts to welfare recipients, Communist or Third World countries

c. funding abortion and other anti-life programs around the world

2. Computer VoteFraud... Communist butcher Joseph Stalin once said: “The people don't need to know the election results; it's enough for the people to know there was an election.” Working in conjunction with Citizens for a Fair Vote Count (CFVC) in Cincinnati, Ohio, the CIA is helping expose computer vote fraud, which is becoming more rampant with the advances in technology. But the CIA and CFVC are also providing counties and states with a means by which they can return to the paper ballots system, counted at the local precinct by your neighbors and friends and posted for all to see. Only a verifiable vote count can restore the will of the people, and allow truly honest politicians to be elected.

3. National Credit... Here is a system, referred to as “Christianity in economics,” which replaces our worthless paper currency with real backing, based on the productivity of our nation. It will also rid us of our present money masters--the Federal Reserve.

4. Fully Informed Juries--or Jury Nullification... Did you know that a jury can decide the facts of a case as well as the application of the law itself? Juries are the last means by which a people can nullify bad laws. No more deciding what a corrupt judge tells them, fully informed juries can help correct our Judicial system which has gone awry.

Landholt is a dedicated American Christian Patriot who is doing something positive to restore our Constitutional Republic and is doing something to control the activities of government lackeys who are ignorantly facilitating an agenda that intends to completely run our lives. He moved to Idaho with the specific purpose of entering the political arena, and urges other concerned Americans to enter the battle. Located in Coeur d'Alene, you can also meet Landholt at the upcoming Network Cd'A Small Business Expo at Silver Lake Mall. The CIA will have a table at the Expo on January 23-24, Saturday and Sunday, from 12 p.m.-6 p.m.

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