From the December 1998 Idaho Observer:

Shall we regain control of our communities...

...or just keep whining about having lost them?

The blueprint for the machine that has been designed to hold public officials accountable which is illustrated through the Burris horror story comes at a very critical time in U.S. history. Exactly at the time when a few of us believe that we have the answer and have perfected the machinery that people can use to regain control of their communities by prosecuting the social control solution, many very activistic, eloquent, learned and selfless Americans are on the verge of giving up the fight to restore our Constitutional Republic.

Our mistake is that we have attempted to accomplish change at the state and federal level. There is nothing that can be done to turn back the socio/political clock at those levels of government. Those levels of government are too corrupt and we will never be able to apply enough force to bring them back into compliance with the form of government the Founders intended for us to have. Our valiant attempts to do so have ended in frustration as things unceasingly worsen regardless and a lot of good people have been sentenced to a lifetime in prison for their efforts.

We must concede defeat at the state and federal levels. To continue fighting on those fronts is utterly hopeless.

However, we must not raise our pathetic little white flags in our counties. We must win at home. More importantly, we can win at home.

If you view society as a pyramid with us (the unwashed masses) on the bottom, our city and county administrators are just above us and are fewer in number than we are. What happens when the base of a structure gives way? The rest of the structure has little choice but to follow.

Every city and county in this nation is corrupt. Every city and county in this nation has corrupt officials who have illegally, unethically, immorally and/or criminally used their authority to steal from innocent people. Every city and county has legions of innocent people who have had their businesses, their property, their children or their freedom stolen from them by corrupt officials. Every city and county in the nation can falsely prosecute innocent people to fill empty jail beds and to create the impression that we must all be taxed to build more jail beds.

See the Thomas Jefferson quote that has been reprinted over and over in every edition of The Idaho Observer for insight into why our government is so determined to redefine the land of the free as the world's largest penal colony.

So, what are we waiting for? Shall we regain control of our local governments because we have now perfected the process of doing just that, or should we just keep whining about our lost liberty because the state and federal governments have stolen it from us?

It is my hope that some of you out there who are in the process of giving up just realize that we have merely been fighing the battle on the wrong fronts. It is the simple, greedy acquiesence of our city and county governments which empower state governments and it is the evil, unconstitutional duplicity of state governments which empower the Constitution-shredding, New World Order agenda of our international bankster-financed and manipulated federal government. Though we "elect" "our" federal government, it no longer represents the people of this nation, it merely plays puppet to the 300-400 of the world's wealthiest families who are struggling amongst themselves to achieve control of the world's resources--including us lowly, unwashed lifeforms who serve as the foundational base of this social pyramid.

Please do not give up. Just set your sights on more realistic goals. We must learn how to control the activities of our most junior city council persons before we can hope to positively effect changes within state and federal governments. Our options are to hold local officials accountable for criminal behavior and abuses of authority--or keep whining impotently about everything at the state and federal levels of government and be doomed to failure.

Give a call to The Idaho Observer and/or The Oregon Observerif you want to learn how to build the machinery to retake control of your own community. ~(DWH)

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