From the December 1998 Idaho Observer:

Are You A Victim Of False Prosecution?

If you are, then you are aware of how the 'justice' industry in America works: You (the innocent person) are falsely charged with a crime. You pay an attorney at least $150 per hour to defend your innocence. Your attorney cannot possibly defend you adequately as he is unlikely to inconvenience himself by undertaking the in- depth investigation which is a prerequisite to the successful dismissal of false charges.

However, the attorney keeps filing motions, drafts many worthless letters and makes countless unproductive phone calls, until you (the innocent person) are broke. Then you (the innocent person) go to jail and have your few remaining assets stolen from you because you can no longer afford to continue defending your innocence.

Welcome to the litigation racket called the American Justice System.

There is only one way to remedy a false prosecution: Investigate the accusers, expose the prosecutors, the detectives and the judges...

Then Get Rid Of Them!

The Observer newspapers will not waste your time or your money. This is not a game. This is your life. We do not make deals. If you are innocent, then nobody has the right to steal what belongs to you, most of all, your liberty. Nobody! That includes your attorney and your public officials.

Why have a bad day when it's still possible to force justice right down their throats?

Washington and Idaho cases

Contact The Idaho Observer at: (208) 687-9441

Cases from Oregon and all other states

Contact The Oregon Observer at: (541) 479-3226

If you are innocent, The Observers provide a 100 % money-back guarantee should we fail to prove your innocence and achieve your total vindication.

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