From the October 1998 Idaho Observer:

Who Still Supports "Our" President?

Americans who draw some kind of a government paycheck through employment or social programs (reapers) still think that Clinton should remain in office regardless of his immoral, illegal or self-admittedly "inappropriate" behavior. Americans who, while not producing anything tangible but have been successfully gambling their money in the stock market, are also reapers who generally express no interest in rocking the boat in such a way that would cause "our" philandering, Constitution-shredding, drug-dealer entertaining (and pardoning), Chinese government hob-nobbing, land-deal scamming and non-inhaling- draft-dodging president to be removed from office.

Americans who work hard to sustain their small businesses in spite of increasingly taxed and regulated environments (producers) generally support President Clinton's impeachment. Americans who make their living from the soil, the farmers and ranchers and loggers and miners of this nation, also want the president to be impeached for any one of his multitudinous transgressions if he refuses to step down voluntarily.

Reapers, who are somehow making a living off of the system while producing nothing, want the current system (advancing socialism) to stay intact; producers who are continually losing ground in their ceaseless struggle to make their own way (diminishing Americanism) want the current system to fall apart. While reapers (socialists) selfishly refuse to consider that the provably felonious and possibly treasonous behavior of "our" president is more important to the future of our nation than the flow of "free" money into their own little coffers, producers (Americanists) who are being regulated into bankruptcy by the current system have no reason to excuse the criminal activities of "our" president because money, earned or otherwise, is not flowing freely unto them.

The truth of the above observations, which are unfortunately fundamentally economic rather than fundmentally principled, was borne from the frustration of attempting to awaken a well-educated friend who has been illogically debating my arguments and evidences on a variety of important issues for the last four years. "All of the people that I talk to think that Clinton is a great president," my friend has stated repeatedly.

"All of the people that I talk to think that Clinton is the most corrupt president in American history," I have repeatedly replied.

My friend talks to a bizarre collection of successful businessmen and welfare recipients. I talk primarily to farmers, ranchers, loggers, blue-collar workers and small bussiness owners.

There is little choice but for the producers and the reapers, the Americanists and the socialists,the proponents of the Constitution and the ignorant advocates of the Communist Mannifesto, to clash soon, regardless of what becomes of "our" president. Soon (tomorrow, next week, five years from now?) the producers of this nation (the vanishing Americanist middle class) will have been bankrupted by the socialist reapers and then all of us in the land of the used-to-be-free will either be forced to depend upon the largesse of the next generation of powerfully corrupt "leaders" or we will be forced to prosecute our inalienable rights to life, liberty and happiness.

The issue, then, is not so much whether a person does or does not support the president in our hour of Romanesque embarassment, it is whether a person is a reaper or a producer and whether or not a person advocates advancing socialism or a return to the constitutional republic that our Founding Fathers bought for us with their blood. ~(DWH)

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