From the October 1998 Idaho Observer:

Governor Wannabe Kempthorne Bill to Reauthorize ESA

WASHINGTON D.C.--Senator and Governor Wannabe Dirk Kempthorne (R-ID) has been working hard all year long to get his "ESA Reauthorization Act" passed before Congress goes home for 1998 to hit the campaign trail later this month.

ESA created the spotted owl as a scapegoat for militant environmentalists who have all but shut down logging in the northwest. Under the auspices of saving species that the federal government has decided are "endangered," ESA has done to property rights what the Brady Act has done to the Second Amendment.

Kempthorne also approved of Clinton's states' rights-ending Executive Order 13083 (The Idaho Observer, July, 1998). Kempthorne supports the dumbing down of our children through the Goals 2000 federal education agenda. Kempthorne signed his name to a U.S. "donation" of $19 billion to the International Monetary Fund.

Governor Wannabe Kempthorne, who has spent the last decade on Capitol Hill, appears to be supportive of all issues which increase federal authority and diminish state sovereignty. Understanding the horribly corrupt and nepotistic nature of the nearly impotent U.S. Congress, it seems that Kempthorne is being groomed to become elected by the Republican Party as a federal puppet in the Boise governor's mansion. Idahoans are internationally recognized as proud, self-reliant Americans who are willing to stand up for the fundamental principles of individual freedom upon which this country was founded. One can only infer that Kempthorne's mission as governor will be to use his puppet authority to break the spirit of Idaho so that it will not become a bastion of resistence on the day that the federal government finally decides to push Americans too far. See story page 8.

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