From the August 1998 Idaho Observer:

Concerned Americans Protest Dangerous EO

Where was the press?

While in attending an industrialized nations economic summit in England ( a very interesting and poetic irony) last May 14, President Clinton signed Executive Order 13083 which intends an end to states' rights and will place all "regulatory goals" of the federal government above the policies of the several states--a clear perversion of the intent of our Constitution and the 10th Amendment.

Although the media didn't find the EO newsworthy, concerned Americans caused enough waves to where the most influential associations of state and local government called a meeting with White House Chief of Intergovernmental Relations Mickey Ibarra who drafted a letter to Clinton demanding that he withdraw the order which was scheduled by statute to become effective August 14, 1998.

Apparently, Clinton did no consulting with state and local government associations in the drafting of the EO. Clinton's EO, which in may ways contradicts federalism guidlines set forth in Executive Order 12612 by President Reagan. The draft Iberra letter stated that, "We believe that the changes in the order and the manner in which they were made raise serious questions" about the administration's committment to partnership with state and local governments."

Clinton agreed to delay implementation of EO 13083 for 90 days pending further review.

Americans were able to rest on their laurels for one week until it was learned that President Clinton had lied and that his EO is on schedule for August 14.

This delay (the lie) is a sign that through our sophisitcated and accurate information dissemination networks we spread news like wildfire. Clinton had to lie to a lot of people in order to calm the impressive sea of dissention which was formed when we found out what he was up to with EO 13083. We learned a valuable lesson about ourselves: We do not need the dominant media to affect policy.

The state and local government associations, which have been playing an active role in this country's descent into statutory slavery, were likely only concerned that they were not consulted prior to the signing of the executive order.

It is almost August. Where is the press? If EO 13083 passes into "law" and becomes enforced as such by the federal government, we can blame the tyrant, his handlers and the dominant media for the fallout because thousands of us were wide awake on this one and we did everything in our power to stop this most horrible thing from happening.

To all of you who understood the imminence of EO 13083 and expended your own time and resources to alert everybody who would listen as to its dire import, your country owes you a debt of gratitude. Now, get back to work and keep up the pressure because your still sleeping country needs you. ~(DWH)

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