From the July 1998 Idaho Observer:

ACG Pays Dominant Media $850 to Print Real News

CDA Press, Review find EO 13083 to be non-newsworthy

COEUR D 'ALENE--Americans for a Constitutional Government of Post Falls became so alarmed over news that President Clinton had signed Executive Order 1308-Federalism that it held a special meeting June 8 to determine the best way to make as many citizens aware of the executive order as possible. Unable to convince either the Coeur d' Alene Press or the Spokesman Review to investigate the EO and print a newsstory and, unable to get those dominant media publications to print the information (for free) in the form of a letter to the editor, the group decided to buy ads and inform the public through an open letter to the president (see page 13).

The CDA Press and the Review charged ACG a total of $850 to bury the letter in the announcements sections of the newspapers and used no visual aids whatsoever to draw peoples' attention to the letter which was printed in both newspapers June 11.

Couched in sugar-coated verbiage of descending despotism, EO 13083 intends to shred the Tenth Amendment and force states to comply with "federal regulatory goals."

ACG had given the CDA Press $400 to run the letter. The newspaper had the audacity to send ACG a bill for an additional balance due of $27.44.

"It is a sad, sad day for all Americans when you and your newspaper will not do a story on what is really extremely important for all Americans and this country." wrote ACG member Phil Mielcarek to CDA Press employee Mike Feilder.

Mielcarek had spent time on the phone with Feilder attempting to convince him that an EO signed by the president, if implemented, would replace states' rights with an all-powerful federal regulatory authority, is news that his paper should report. Mielcarek stated that he had greater success convincing Review employee Bob Michealbust that EO 13083 was important news and that Michealbust had promised to run the story by the newspaper's editorial staff. Apparently, the editorial staff of the Review did not think that a presidential EO to end states' rights was important news, either.

Along with a $27.44 check for balance due, Mielcarek sent Bill Denman's analysis of the EO (see pages 12-13) and a letter demanding cancellation of his subscription to the CDA Press. "I will no longer do any advertising or subscribe to your newspaper, wrote Mielcarek, who feels that Americans who believe that they are getting the news that they need to be well-informed are being done an incredible disservice by the CDA Press, the Review and other major newspapers throughout the country.

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