From the May 1998 Idaho Observer:

Craig, Kempthorne Endorse $18 Billion IMF "Payment"

WASHINGTON D.C.--On March 26, 1998, Republican Idaho senators Craig (R) and Kempthorne (R) joined 82 other senators to endorse a bill which approved the deposit of $18 billion into the International Monetary Fund. The funds were appropriated to, among other things, pay "back dues" that were "owed" to the United Nations (UN).

The U.S. has been, compared to all of the other "member" nations, disproportionately dedicating U.S. personnel and money and supplies to every UN "peacekeeping" operation since Korea. Every senator on Capitol Hill, including Craig and Kempthorne, must be keenly aware of the hundreds of thousands of American lives and the (hundreds?) of billions of American dollars that have been expended to help realize the unamerican UN mission of global socialism through the utopian dream of one world international servility. There is no way that those intelligent men and women could sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil and determine that we owe the UN or the IMF $18 billion.

If 84 U.S. senators voted to give $18 billion of "our" dollars to pay back an imaginary debt, were those senators voting your conscience? Please make note of the senators who voted "yea" in the $18 billion American taxpayer give-away (please see complete list of yeas and nays, page 18) and vote accordingly during their next elections. Their actions reflect a horribly treasonous trend in "our" American leadership to pass bills which ensure and facilitate the exodus of American resources away from American soil and, hence, the American people.

Idahoans should also consider that Kempthorne plans to give up his senate seat and run for governor.

Washington senators Gorton and Murray and Oregon senators Smith and Wyden also endosed the substantial IMF "payment."

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