From the January 2009 Idaho Observer:

Editorís Rectangle

In this column last October, I stated several lucid reasons why, if we want to survive whatever storm is coming, regardless of our wealth or lack thereof, prioritized planning that will secure food, water and shelter for 90 days is prudent at this time. Iíll not repeat the reasons here but, essentially, there is no survival imperative to securing a weekís supply of food, water and shelter. If the coming geopolitical storm lasts longer than 90 days, our problems will be much more severe and panoramic than those for which we can be realistically be prepared.

Events as they are developing compel me to emphasize the 90-day planning priority this month because those who control the flow of energy in the form of credit are intentionally monkey-wrenching international commerce in ways that are profoundly affecting supplies of many necessities including food staples and fuel. Additionally, farmers who rely on credit to plant crops arenít getting it. Proof is emerging that a handful of people control the flows of energy powering the activities on this busy planet and they are currently coordinating efforts to alter the flow of money to create severe shortages of critical goods such as food and fuel.

The problems we are facing have just been compounded by the "coronation" of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States. A wave of relief that the Bush era has come to an end has washed over the world. The corresponding wave of "hopenosis" Obama has inspired will likely keep the majority of Americans distracted for the next six months or so; those of us who have maintained our skepticism since the Clinton era will likely be berated as pathological pessimists until the depths of our collective betrayal becomes apparent to all. I predict that within six months the most committed Obamatons will realize they have been betrayed. But, on the other hand, if the scheduled switch from analog to digital TV takes place next month, there is no telling what kind of "silent sound" commands will be delivered to artificially maintain the Obamatonsí "hopenitized" exuberance indefinitely.

In the meantime, the nation is being prepared for a vaccine-induced influenza pandemic; the perpetual wars that predate even Clinton are ongoing and are seemingly without end. The fiat economy is collapsing as a gun-grabbing, hate-crimes-advocating socialist administration (composed primarily of former Clinton administration officials) assumes the reigns of national power. Epidemics of chronic illnesses are worsening as concentrations of dangerous chemicals in our environment, food and medicine reach lethal levels. On top of it all, there is no doubt in my mind that Obama is not who he says he is and is a creation of the global elite sent here to oversee the last round of executive actions necessary to seal our national fate.

Looking at the millions of happy, "hopenotic" faces, I would give almost anything to be sharing in the celebration that an angry, unjust era has just come a to close and a happier time has just dawned on America and the world. But I donítóI canít. Neither, probably, can you; we know too much. What we can do, however, is diligently prepare ourselves and our communities as best we can to weather whatever storm is coming. We survived the Clintons and we survived the Bushes. We will also survive Obama. (DWH)