From the December 2008 Idaho Observer:

Editor’s Rectangle

Another era is coming to a close and President Bush has commissioned Karl Rove to help "spin" his legacy while Obama invents, "the Office of President Elect."

These are interesting times—but all times are interesting while we are living in them. In retrospect, each administration since FDR has accomplished its own specific piece of the totalitarian puzzle and, in hindsight, we can see how the land of the free has been sliding deeper into slavery every fourth and eighth year since America got a "New Deal." While a specific administration is in power, the changes seem gradual because we are enduring them while attempting to "live the dream." But, upon reflection, we realize, strangely, that the slide of each administration has been steep, fast and violent. An outgoing administration may be replaced by one incoming, but the damage it did is never undone and serves to pave the way for more damage—to our personal freedom, to our culture, to our economy, to our image as a people and to our reputation as a nation.

Let’s review America’s slide under previous administrations: FDR turned the U.S. into a socialist country, got us into WWII under false pretenses, obligated U.S membership in the UN and backed the Bretton Woods agreement that created the global banking monopoly, effectively enslaving "developing" nations. Truman opened the nuclear age and helped create Israel. Eisenhower partnered with the UN to create a global army of "peacekeepers." Kennedy wanted to change direction and was assassinated for his trouble. LBJ set the nation back on the globalist track and got us into war with Vietnam. Nixon opened up trade with China and was impeached after proving to the world how hopelessly corrupt and murderous the U.S. government had become. Ford, who replaced vice-President Spiro Agnew and then replaced Nixon without being elected to either position, triggered the swine flu epidemic and kept the nation in recession. Carter gave the Panama Canal away, deepened U.S. relations with the UN and created new layers of socialist bureaucracy. Reagan projected U.S. military dominance into space, proved that the U.S. ran the world’s largest organized crime syndicate of illegal arms and drug dealers who assassinated heads of state, destabilized third world countries and installed ruthless puppet dictators who mass murdered political enemies and innocent civilians. Bush I, who was really the president under Reagan, continued with Reagan-era strategies, started the war with Iraq under false pretenses and got NAFTA going. Clinton, whose state was heavily implicated in Reagan era Iran/Contra drug smuggling while he was Arkansas governor, passed NAFTA, involved U.S. troops in Kosovo, deepened dependence on government programs and ushered in more corrupt government regulatory oversight intended to benefit big businesses at the expense of small ones. By the time Clinton left office, the White House had been desecrated by sex, murder, drug, pardon, corruption and extortion scandals. Bush II has seen to it that global war is perpetual, the community of nations despises the U.S. as a belligerent, neocon-driven, warmongering, multinational corporate interest-protecting nation, the world is blanketed in a mind-controlling, brain-numbing, life-destroying toxic haze, the global economy is collapsing, torture and indefinite detention of anyone deemed a "terrorist" is lawful and that he will leave the White House as the most hated president in U.S. history.

While we can debate whether Democrats or Republicans are better for America, each administration has been part of an unbroken progression of America transitioning freedom into fascism. The transition has been occurring at a pace that seems to accelerate with each incoming administration to the point we currently find ourselves: A not very black, non-American now claims to hold the "office" of the first black American president-elect. The future is more uncertain now than it ever has been and "President-Elect Obama" is promising changes that many real Americans will find unbearable.

But the weirdest thing about all this is that, no matter how bad life was while the previous administrations were in power, we would give almost anything to go back in time because life was so much better then. (DWH)