From the May 2008 Idaho Observer:

We will likely recall summer, 2008, as the most important summer of our lives. We stand at the edge of an economic abyss, on the brink of (more) war and we are facing chemically-induced environmental disasters, medical Armageddon and martial law.

If we had not been blessed with the opportunity to rally behind Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican nomination for president in election 2008, where would we be now? We would be feeling hopeless; we would be going through the motions of living awaiting the inevitable and probably violent and painful death of our beloved Republic.

But we have hope. We have a constitutional candidate with growing popular support—at home and spanning the globe. We have corrupt, status quo, Republican party leadership scared so bad that the party faithful is questioning their respective central committees’ motives.

The revolution has begun. It’s the summer before election. Get out there, celebrate freedom, spread the word, be as active as you can be and be a part of your nation’s rebirth. It feels like we have been given one chance to turn things around and this is it.

Bless you all, have an excellent summer and do everything you can do to promote truth, justice, freedom and the revolution.

Below are a few events that are cooking nationally. But always participate in activities in your own community. There is something for everyone to do and, whether they know it yet or not, your neighbors need you to teach them how to behave like an American. If you need direction, give us a call. ~The IO staff

5 Weeks, 28 cities, one message: FREEDOM

The Freedom Tour ‘08 is r3VOLution musician, Marc Scibilia (writer of Hope Anthem and the musical score for the High Tide 3D Animation) and friends. "We’re touring the U.S. this spring/summer to stir the passion for freedom within the hearts of everyday Americans and encourage them to come join the fun." The tour kicks off in Jersey City May 30, lands in Boise on or about June 18, stopping at many cities in between. The tour winds up Washington, D.C., July 12 for the Revolution March.

Memorial Day END the Income Tax Money Bomb

Ron Paul’s Revolution to END the Income Tax could become law this November 4th in Massachusetts. We ran this ballot initiative in 2002 - and won 885,000 (45%) of the vote. Everyone knows it has a chance to win the majority it needs to pass this election year. Our opponents are organizing to oppose it.

The media is covering this campaign like no other libertarian/small government campaign in recent Massachusetts history. It made the front page of the Boston Globe. There has been coverage in almost every major news outlet over the last week alone and several of New England’s largest talk radio hosts are strongly supporting an END to the Income Tax.

The Reading Revolution

The Revolution: A Manifesto is now out. And many of you have already read it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could share this book with thousands of others? How about we do that? Show them the Ron Paul spirit. We will be starting up a project that will donate The Revolution to all 238 public libraries in New Hampshire. The publisher has agreed to give us a nice discount due to the volume. I have a list of all 238 libraries and will start contacting them shortly.

(Note: The same effort can be duplicated in every state, county and city by coordinating those efforts with Ron Paul HQ in New Hampshire. Education is the key to this revolution. Remember how you felt in grade school reading about the Revolutionary War. Well, we now have our own manifesto for the revolution that is happening on our watch.

BreakTheMatrix (BTM)

There is a healthy contingent of younger people in this movement. Encourage the ones you know to join "The Public Trust" Video Militia! Details on how you can participate in the new television program are at

Revolution Freedom Festival

Join us July 2-6 at the Lamphere Ranch Campground near Sturgis, SD, for a Fourth of July celebration that you will never forget. A full slate of excellent speakers—including Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Ernest Hancock, Russell Means, Jack McLamb, Dave Von Kleist and Bill Stegmeier—have been scheduled. Cost is $50 for the whole week, camping is free (RV hookups extra); hotel accommodations are nearby. United we stand—and so will the country we love!

Revolution March - July 12th in Washington D.C.

Join us in a March and Rally for Ron Paul’s message of Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom through adherence to the Constitution. Ron Paul is our Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker. Our line-up of Speakers will discuss topics such as: The Federal Reserve; The economy; The Constitution; The Ten Steps to Fascism; The North American Union; The Trans-Texas Corridor; Foreign Policy; The Iraqi Conflict, and much more. We are inviting Congressmen and Senators as well as Ron Paul Republican Candidates to attend and speak. There will be entertainment, book signings, and a chance to meet the speakers. In addition, we are organizing workshops a few days prior to the event for those activists who would like to learn how to effect change. The only real way to effect change is legislatively. We’ll show you how. One of our goals is to produce a new generation of campaign managers, candidates, and citizen lobbyists. We also plan to demonstrate in front of the Federal Reserve on Friday, as well as take groups of citizen lobbyists to Congress. Be a part of history! Join us!

Note: There are events being planned all over the country. Already scheduled events are even incorporating the freedom message. If you do not have a computer, find someone who does. All you have to do is knock on the door of the first house you see with a Ron Paul sign in the yard. There is no reason to be shy—this is a family!