From the May 2008 Idaho Observer:

Feds appeal release of Montana Freeman

U.S. attorneys in Montana have filed a notice of appeal in the case of Montana Freeman John-Patrick McGuire who was released March 24, 2008, for time served.

McGuire, 70, had been imprisoned since 1996 for his association with the Montana Freemen after the infamous, 81-day standoff at Justice Township near Billings in 1995.

At the original trial, McGuire was convicted on six counts for what was referred to as a "massive bad check writing scheme" and given an additional 10 years for carrying a banned, assault-style weapon during a "robbery."

The weapons charge was overturned at a hearing in Missoula Feb. 22, 2008 and the case was remanded back to the original judge for resentencing.

At the March 24 resentencing, Federal District Judge John Coughenour ordered McGuire’s release effective immediately (The IO, April 2008).

McGuire, whose health had deteriorated dramatically in federal custody, had been slowly regaining strength when he was informed the week of May 11 that the federal government was planning to appeal McGuire’s release and intends to send him back to prison.