From the May 2008 Idaho Observer:

Editor’s Rectangle

This month’s edition of The IO is going forward on the premise that those who intend to govern us (absolutely) have been feeding our cultural mind with a raft of lies for generations which they reinforce by codifying them into laws that are enforced at gunpoint.

At the foundational level, government teaches Darwin’s "Evolution" theory as fact which sets our culture afloat on a sea of moral relativism where all that matters is here and now; there is no responsibility to each other, no connection to the past nor concern for the future.

With such an "operating system" running in the background, most Americans can be programmed to believe just about anything—and they do—even when confronted with direct evidence to the contrary.

The inspiration for this month’s theme was, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," a film by Ben Stein. While I felt the film did not go far enough in two key areas (one of which I will mention in a minute), it did do something in an historically epic way: It proved that Darwin’s Evolution theory is not even a theory anymore.

Why? Because once a hypothesis is disproved, advancing a theory as if it wasn’t is fraud. Though Darwinian scientists are certain that they know how life "must have" begun amongst a bunch of banging elements, they cannot prove the hypothesis in a lab. The clincher was when one of the world’s leading contemporary Darwinists, Richard Dawkins, FRS (fellow of the Royal Society) stated that, if the big bang theory cannot be proved, the other hypothesis under consideration is that aliens from another planet "seeded" the Earth with life. No kidding. It would take a form of intelligence to accomplish such a seeding—how did life begin with them? Could we prove it? The world’s leading Darwinists accept the possibility that intelligent life may exist elsewhere in the universe but reject the notion of "God" or "intelligent design" on Earth.

One can have a lot of fun with that idea (and even agree that there is very little evidence of intelligence on Earth). But, if there is no God—an "Intelligent Designer" if you prefer—then it’s because the Darwinist zealots have chased Him out of people’s hearts and minds by teaching this hypothetically-disproved-non-theory to generations of American school children as if it were fact.

The focus of the film was how the lives of credible, (previously) esteemed and tenured scientists have been destroyed for merely suggesting that "intelligent design" could be a possible explanation for life on Earth. The attacks these good people endured were of a coordinated, mutli-directional ferocity traditionally reserved for "Holocaust deniers" and physicians who claim that vaccines are unsafe and ineffective.

So, why would Darwinists so violently destroy the careers of people willing to take up the "intelligent design" side of the debate on how life began?

Why would people who believe that "only" one million—not six million—Jews died during WWII and challenge the logistics of gassing that many people be sent to prison by courts that refuse to hear their evidence?

Why are the licenses of physicians who question vaccination revoked and non-vaccinating parents charged with child abuse if they choose to abstain from this dangerous and ineffective practice?

What about 9/11, the income tax, the moon landing and every war since 1861?

Bingo. That is the main point that Stein’s film failed to make, though it should have. The lesson should have been stated thusly: "Truth fears no investigation and we should always look closer at a topic if merely bringing up a difference of opinion summons the unholy wrath of the dominant paradigm’s gatekeepers."

Intelligent people with Jeffersonian educations (see page 5) question everything and follow the truth wherever it leads. Intelligent people with faith-based programming such as Darwinism (see all around you and everywhere you go) accept truth as it is told to them and find support for these truths when contrarians are attacked for questioning them.

If I had just one wish, it would be that our world would value intellectual honesty above all else because everything good in this life—faith, hope, honor, courage, love and compassion, to name a few—flows from it. (DWH)