From the March 2008 Idaho Observer:

Why it is important to become a precinct leader for the Republican Party

From Steve Parent

Regarding the primaries. First and foremost, stop looking at who wins each states popular vote. For most of these states the vote by the people is really nothing but a straw poll and has no real bearing on who will become the nominee. The only way this matters is if one person receives 1192 delegates that are bound by state rules to be committed to that candidate. So if a candidate like McCain has 600 delegates now but doesnít reach 1192, most of the delegates the state "awarded him" mean nothing. Keep in mind in that in most states, most of the people representing the 600 for McCain are actually Ron Paul supporters. There is no possible way that anyone in the race can achieve this goal now because of the major split in state wins by the candidates.

"So what happens now?" you ask. You look at the number of delegates that Dr. Paul has that are uncommitted to another candidate and will support him. These delegates are not decided by the popular vote i.e.: straw poll of the people. Since no one will have enough delegates to skate them through to the nomination, we now must look at how many delegates [NOT VOTES, but delegates] Dr. Paul has that are 100% uncommitted to another candidate and will be 100% for Dr. Paul and are free to vote for whom they wish.

This race will go all the way to the convention for there is no other way for someone to receive the nomination until the convention.

The Republican National Committee will convene its annual Winter Meeting, and voters will continue to cast their ballots in the nationís primaries and caucuses. Candidates for delegate and alternate delegate to the convention will be elected - and thousands of convention participants and guests will begin planning their trips to Minneapolis-Saint Paul the first week in September 2008.

So what does all this mean?

This means that all of the people that registered to become a delegate for Dr. Paul can go to the convention and cast their vote for Dr. Paul. Now think about what I just said. Do you think for one second that all the people that voted for Dr. Paul and filed to become a delegate will not show up at the convention to vote for the good Doctor? Of course they will, just like they battled the rain and the sleet and the 15 below zero winter weather to knock on doors and wave signs spreading our message.

Now I assure you that even though we didnít win the popular vote in many states, we DID pick up the majority of delegates; more than all the other candidates in most every state except a few. So, yes, they won the straw poll and we won what counts which is delegates.

Doesnít Dr. Paul need to WIN 5 states to be on the ballot at the convention for the nomination?

No. This is simply not true. People are just confused on how it actually works.

We only need the majority of delegates from 5 states to be put on the ballot; not the popular vote of five states. And, I assure you, we have picked up the majority of uncommitted delegates for Dr. Paul in more than five states.

Do any of you remember seeing posts by myself and many others that said: BECOME A DELEGATE? There is still time in most states to become a delegate for the convention and we are picking up more of them every day.

So please STOP worrying so much. You simply do not understand how the election system works. And you thought we lost, didnít you?

The fact is this - Dr. Paul is a genius in his strategy; we are further ahead in delegates than you think, and we can win the nomination.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how we have been winning even though most of you thought we were not.