From the November 2007 Idaho Observer:

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Endgame. Are we in it? Alex Jones' new DVD "ENDGAME: Blueprint for Global Enslavement" is the hottest "conspiracy" DVD out there right now, an indication that a lot of people who are paying attention agree that expanding the term "endgame" beyond the 64 squares of a traditional chessboard to include the global community of nations, the oceans, skies and heavens is apropos.

I would be inclined to agree—but with a caveat yet to be noted.

In this edition of The IO, we find that the dollar has lost 99 percent of its value since 1900 or so (what then cost $.01 now costs $1.00), is quickly losing value against all foreign currencies and has fallen into disfavor with foreign investors. We also find support for claims that we don't have a properly seated Congress, a properly elected president, there is no such thing as due process in courts and there is no one left in government who remembers that their offices were created by constitutions to serve the people, not spy on them—steal from, poison, imprison and destroy them. Our leaders are forging ahead, though, because they know the dead dollar will soon be replaced by the amero and our dead country will be replaced with the North American Union.

Pardon the cynicism, but we don't have a country any more. We don't live in a nation of laws. We live in a state of being where we just keep getting up each day waiting for the next nail to be pounded into our national coffin so the undertakers of history can start throwing dirt on us. When that happens, and it could be any moment now, a few will cry, some will sadly shake their heads—and the rest will spit. RIP USA.


In the midst of all the carnage we have allowed to take place, both here at home and to almost every square inch of the earth's surface and near outer space, there is an awakening going on. I can see it. I can feel it and I am part of it. Tens of thousands (dare I say millions) are coming out of their homes to join the Ron Paul Revolution. Most will tell you that they have never been part of an election campaign because there was no one worth voting for. I think you could say the sleeping giant is awakening: The disgusted, the disillusioned, the disenfranchised are discovering they were part of a silent majority, with representation from every demographic of Americana, that had given up on the system for many of the same reasons. Another commonality behind this perfectly diverse and growing wave of justifiable indignation is the feeling that this is the greatest opportunity we will ever have to restore the Republic and secure a future for our children and grandchildren. What's more, our hope is vested in our own commitments to be part of something more important than ourselves and in the trust we are earning in each other.

Yes. We are in the endgame now. But, we have almost 7 billion predominantly well-intended pieces on the board and our adversary is a handful of twisted little men desperately working their uniformed human levers from behind the curtain. I honesty don't see global slavery. I am affirming that our soon-to-be-released non-fiction DVD will be entitled, "Endgame: The corporate elite fall on their swords; the people put down their offensive weapons, return to their gardens and begin rebuilding paradise." (DWH)

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