From the October 2006 Idaho Observer:

Calls for "coup" becoming louder than "impeachment"

Conviction of a president upon impeachment requires an objective Congress and Senate to review evidence and rule impartially. With overwhelming evidence of presidential criminality, Senate failed to convict President Clinton during an impeachment process that primarily focused on allegation he lied to cover his sexual adventures.

Americans are beginning to realize an attempt to impeach President Bush would be frustrated by the deeply compromised 109th Congress, which is complicit in the 9/11 coverup, passage of the Patriot Act, the "war on terrorism" and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, passage of the Military Commissions Act—and the exponentially-escalating federal debt to pay for it all. Where the appropriate bipartisan response to the Foley underage boy sexual predator scandal should have been disgust and outrage, Capitol Hill has been curiously silent.

There is no impeachment process available under these circumstances because the entirety of both houses and the cabinets are complicit in the crimes of the president—or afraid to act on them.

For the first time in recent memory, the words, "coup d’etat," starting as a whisper, are getting louder and louder. The IO was CCd with a letter to Admiral Timothy J. Keating demanding that he declare Washington, D.C., a crime scene, arrest the Bush administration, Congress and a few key civilians for a plethora of enumerated crimes and oversee the peaceful transition of political power back into (honest) civilian hands.

Dennis Morrisseau, a former army lieutenant and candidate for Congress from Vermont, has publicly called for Joint Chief Chairman General Peter Pace to arrest President Bush and Vice-president Cheney to prevent an unauthorized attack on Iran.

A widely-circulated electronic missive from "Jonas the Prophet" identified the Bush administration as the #1 security threat in the world today and a "swift, precise, coordinated and comprehensive

military coup d’etat, supported and endorsed by the international community of peoples and nations, is clearly the clarion call and urgent requirement for this hour."

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