From the July 2006 Idaho Observer:

Killer vinegar

If you havenít already stopped using chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, then do it now. Because we are the ones who know that chemicals are the underlying cause of most things that are going wrong in the world today, then we must be the ones who lead our friends and neighbors backward in time to when people knew how to kill weeds, grow healthy plants and discourage bug infestations without using toxic chemicals.

To that end, try this recipe to kill unwanted weeds:

To 1 gallon of cheap white vinegar add 1 cup salt and 4-6 tablespoons of dish soap. Mix well. Fill spray bottle with solution. Spray unwanted vegetation. It will be dead the next day.

We do not use any chemicals on our 5-acre place and are able to keep noxious weeds under control by pulling them. However, we have this morning glory problem that pulling has not solved in 7 years of pulling. So, I just made some "killer vinegar" following a tip from my brother-in-law. It worked very well. Killer vinegar is simple to make, costs very little and, once the solution kills unwanted vegetation, it just becomes a non-toxic component of the soil.

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