From the July 2006 Idaho Observer:

We’ve got a bigger challenge now

This month’s column is going to start off with a few bold statements just so I can get them off my chest.

1. It is my belief that, except occasionally by accident or because it somehow serves "their" interests, there are no remedies in the system. I believe that our purchases have financed a coup d’ etat and corporations ultimately own and control everything now.

2. We are slaves to these heartless, soulless, government-franchised fictions in just about every way: We work for them, we buy their widgets, use their chemicals, eat their food, drink their beverages and take their drugs. We even allow them to influence foreign and domestic polices that mass murder innocent people and destroy unoffending nations.

3. The only protection these international lawbreakers have is the fact that the vast majority of common Americans are, for various reasons we are about to discuss, oblivious to and/or in denial of the evil governing them under the guise of benevolence.

Last month I argued that 9/11 is the key to exposing and ultimately overthrowing the pyramid of power thriving off violence, injustice, chaos and misery. I still believe that. But to reach enough people, thereby creating the critical mass necessary to halt our national descent into hell, we will have to consider more deeply the psychology of those whom we are trying to reach and the starring roles they play in our sick contemporary human comedy. AND we have to get them off drugs and purge their bodies of chemicals.

At a foundational level, working class Americans are equals. We were born and raised reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. A few of us have discovered along the way that education, news, entertainment and "laws" are in place to prevent the masses from realizing that the U.S. government is an ongoing, organized criminal enterprise. We are simply attempting to live our lives with a modicum of freedom and dignity in a time when the criminals-in-charge are seeking to gain total control of our thoughts and actions. We are also trying to educate our countrymen as to the dire nature of our imminent collective peril.

Most of us have spent plenty of time puzzling over why people insist upon not seeing the obvious: That the government is now of, by and for the corporations and Americans are merely disposable items in commerce. Since no viable solutions have come forward to halt the destruction of our country, we can agree that attempts to reach our friends, families and communities—or hold the traitors criminally liable for their deeds—have thus far failed.

So, my sense of logic tells me, we must understand what prevents our people from opening their eyes. Over the last few months a few clues have come my way.

Stable data

Canadian media critic and 9/11 truth activist Barry Zwicker cited a recent psychological study showing that people, Americans in particular, are not likely to change their beliefs about a topic even if the "authorities" they relied upon for the original belief systems later admit they were wrong.

This leads to a concept attributed to L. Ron Hubbard in the 40s and beautifully expounded upon by many ever since: The Theory of Stable Data. For example:

* The Earth and the planets in our solar system revolve around the sun.

* America is the land of the free and her soldiers defenders of freedom.

* Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon.

* Vaccines prevent disease.

* Nineteen, boxcutter-wielding Arab hijackers led by Osama bin Laden caused 9/11.

Above are a few examples of "stable data." They are foundational beliefs upon which, directly or otherwise, all other beliefs are shaped. People require stability to feel "normal" and believing the sun revolves around the Earth, their government is run by murderous thugs, we never landed on the moon, vaccines cause disease and 9/11 was an inside job, would destabilize their world. So, rather than incorporate compelling new information that would destroy their system of beliefs, most people automatically protect their original beliefs by pretending the new information does not exist. This apparently hardwired tendency of most people is also called "cognitive dissonance."

We have a bigger problem now

History is replete with examples of this easily-exploitable trait. But we have something new to consider in the 00s: Chemicals.

It would be safe to say that over half of all Americans are taking prescribed pharmaceutical drugs and nearly all carry cocktails of toxic levels of environmental pollutants in their tissues. This fact of contemporary life is a root cause of epidemic chronic illness, and is directly associated with mental illness. We are not only having to overcome people’s historic desire to maintain the stable data defining their worlds, their hardwiring is chemically enhanced. The unprecedented levels of chemically-induced physiological and psychological instability among modern Americans can only serve to increase their dependence upon stable data to the exclusion of new and compelling information. Over half of our countrymen are both physically and mentally unstable. Our mission, then, is to not only educate our countrymen as to the political realities of our modern lives, but to also get them off pharmaceutical drugs and show them how to purge their bodies of toxic chemicals so their brains and bodies are healthy enough to think intelligently. ~DWH

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