From the November 2005 Idaho Observer:

Riots in France: Freakish anomally or sign of the times?

PARISóRace riots that began with the accidental electrocution of two Muslim teens running from police last October 25 spread quickly from where they began in Paris to locations all over France. Three weeks later, the riots are continuing unabated. French law enforcement is unable to stop the rioting. Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe believes the mayhem is "organized" and the French government is doing nothing to stop the carnage. Editors from the German newspaper Der Speigel report that the conditions giving rise to the riots exist throughout Europe. Editors from The Idaho Observer report that the same conditions exist in North America.

A decade ago France, a socialist country, recognized that its people were not reproducing fast enough to keep its socialist economy afloat. So it opened its doors to eastern Europeans, African blacks and Muslims. As immigrants do, they settled amongst each other in neighborhoods that now have extremely high unemployment, plus the violent crime and drug problems associated with poverty. The French people have not accepted them and so the cycle will continue.

Similar dynamics prompted the governments in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandanavia and Great Britain to "welcome" foreigners. U.S. immigration policy with Mexico is also motivated by the need for more bodies to prop up its massive welfare system. Elsewhere in Europe and in the U.S., cultural/racial tensions are building.

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