From the October 2005 Idaho Observer:

The CAFR Party

by Hari Heath

Democrats, Republicans, conservatives on the right, liberals on the left—they’ve all become a blur on the political horizon. Some of the "liberal" congressional Democrats, stalwarts of civil rights and social justice, are now sponsoring a barrage of legislation to usher in an Orwellian, fascist, police state. Meanwhile, the "conservative" Republicans march in lockstep supporting treaties and legislation designed to destroy our industry and dissolve the American Dream along with our sovereign national borders.

What distinguishing qualities between Republicans and Democrats truly remain? The lines are crossed and one simply cannot associate Republicans with conservatives and Democrats with liberals.

Some refer to them as Democans and Republicrats and various other amalgamated monikers. Others refer to it singularly as the Demopublican Party. But one thing is clear, whatever they are, they have a stranglehold on the American political system and they don’t plan on letting go any time soon.

There have been many attempts to establish a viable third party (or second, as the case may be), but none have mustered the necessary support for success. Why not? What immense possibility is lying dormant on the political horizon?

The Libertarian mistake

The Libertarians have spent decades trying to achieve political power. Theirs is a philosophy of idealism; of the liberty and sovereignty of the individual; of limited government and many of the principles espoused by our nation’s founders. Libertarians run a candidate for president every election and occasionally get candidates elected to local school boards or as token members of state legislatures.

Libertarians make the mistake of attempting to sell their philosophy and candidates to the American people on the basis that the party platform is logical and desirable to thinking people. In a perfect world Libertarians would win, or at least be one of the major parties in our political system. But they fail to comprehend that the general American public has the intellectual capacity and interests of a garden pest. They could care less about lofty ideals and fine principles, so Libertarians struggle every election cycle in the vain hope that they will someday become a real political party.

The Constitution Party’s delusion

Similarly, the Constitution Party has a sound political platform and endeavors to promote its candidates in a quest for state and national recognition. Well principled, the Constitution Party, in a perfect world, would garnish considerable support from the moral and decent people in this country.

But they delude themselves into thinking they can actually market their candidates to a population which is neither moral nor decent and would just as soon show their middle finger to the world. The Yuppie/ME generation and its progeny are too busy Jonesing at the mall to care about things like morality, decency and the future of their country.

The Green lament

The Green Party began as an environmental movement and has blossomed to embrace many things liberal. It, too, has good points to stand on, but Green Party devotees are trying to sell their care and concern for the world around them to mindless consumers who would rather get in a racing red, gas-guzzling, exhaust-spewing SUV with oversize tires to better haul their big American buns to another shopping Mecca—neverthewhile concerning themselves where it all comes from or how it got here.

The Greens have yet to find any real place in this imperfect political world because, like the others, they are trying to sell what very few are willing to buy.

Ross and the reformers

Ross Perot and the Reform Party provided a clue as to what could ultimately be the successful strategy for breaking the stranglehold of the Demopublican system. Throw lots of money around.

Unlike the Libertarian, Constitution and Green parties, Ross Perot actually made it into the presidential debates. With millions of his own dollars, he got his message out and probably threw the election in Clinton’s favor.

Ross was a marketing specialist and made it as far as he did because he had a lot of money and knew how to sell.

Understanding the political marketplace

You may be insulted by the following, and you should be. But, as Patrick Henry said, "We must know the worst and prepare for it."

The truth is we are worse than most are willing to imagine or admit. Let’s objectively consider the capacities of our fellow countrymen and women—the ones still able to cast a vote. What evidences their basic qualities? What motivates them? What can you count on them for?

The following provides some marketing insight that must be understood before developing a political platform that will out-sell the Demopublicans:

* The voters trade half their waking hours in exchange for "dollars" that haven’t been actual dollars for as long as most of them have been alive (The exception is those who vote, but won’t work and are just here to collect the "benefits" of government "entitlement" programs).

* The majority of those who "work" do so while sitting in a chair.

* Average working Americans have $10,000 in credit card debt, borrowing from tomorrow what they can’t pay for today, in reckless disregard for their futures.

* Ninety-eight percent of them own a television which they routinely watch until they enter a hypnotic beta wave state to become entertained by various commercial/social engineering indoctrination programs.

* Half of these people didn’t read a book last year.

* They unquestioningly pay taxes they don’t owe and ask permission from their public servants before engaging in most of the fundamental functions of life.

* They pay these taxes to support a government that puts over 2 million people in prison when the majority of those incarcerated did not commit any actual crimes against others.

* They proudly support "our" troops as long as they get cheap oil out of the deal and don’t have to actually put themselves on the line for anything.

* The majority still believe Arab hijackers caused the events of 9/11.

* No legitimate explanation is necessary for these people to be supportive of their government’s wars as long as they are "pre-emptive" strikes on foreign soil.

* Most are willing to believe "experts" who tell them known toxins are safe when packaged as food or medicine.

* The people prefer food which destroys their health but tastes good and are willing to pay hundreds of "dollars" for highly-addictive pharmaceutical drugs that cost pennies to make, even though they are a primary cause of death in America.

* Their demand for illicit drugs have created a marketplace for a narcotics-trafficking industry surpassed in revenue only by petroleum and automobiles.

* The majority of voters haven’t walked over a mile at any one time this year.

* The embarrassing epidemic of American obesity is made worse by the fact that it’s not just cellulite: The average American is packing 10 to 20 lbs. of compacted fecal matter in the nooks and crannies of his colon. Quite literally, the American people are grossly overweight and full of $#it!

These are the "people" to which a successful alternate political party must market itself: A population addicted and indentured to economic fiction, wallowing in debt and handouts, turned into zombies by practical illiteracy and video hypnosis, lacking any moral compunction, spinal resolve or principles of personal responsibility; they are easily duped, even supportive of their dupers—an indolent and obese assemblage of mindless consumers. No wonder things are rotten in Rome. Americans have exactly the venal and corrupt Demopublican regime they deserve.

Venal reality

If you want to be a successful political party, should you sell the ideals of liberty, limited government, sound economic, moral and sovereign principles, environmental responsibility and a better world? Hell no! Our people aren’t interested in any of that. Give ‘em money. Lots of it.

And how will this new political organization buy the votes of the most gluttonous, self-serving, mindless consortium of potential voters ever to roam the Earth?

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Every municipality, county, state, federal agency and many "districts" produce a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). About 84,000 government entities are compelled by law to file a CAFR each year. A government CAFR is comparable to the Annual Financial Report(AVR) the Securities and Exchange Commission requires publicly traded companies to provide for their shareholders. The word "comprehensive" was added to distinguish industry corporate and government corporate financial reports which detail the year’s expected costs and profits. In addition to financial information, CAFRs often detail demographics, geographical information and other pertinent statistics. These reports are distinctly different from the "budgets" that are publicly flaunted by the various political entities. CAFRs often detail vast holdings, funds and accounts well in excess of those shown in the "budgets."

Similar to a truck driver’s dual log book system—one shown to his employer to get full pay and one to show to the DOT, with under-the-limit hours recorded—CAFRs and budgets don’t match up. The discrepancies can be mind boggling in their size and scope.

CAFR researchers have found numerous state and local political entities that claimed "budget" shortfalls, even a crisis, when the CAFRs reveal million$ of excess assets.

According to Walter Burien, the former commodities trader and analyst who broke the CAFR story in 1998, there are literally million$, billion$ and cumulatively, trillion$ "in funds being shifted off to the side or inflated SPECIFICALLY for backing the investments and projects of the elite, inner-circle crowd. With a few trillion dollars now broken up into some 84,000 separate, over-funded or unneeded investment fund accounts, all of the players can now have their sweet little deal projects funded ‘internationally.’ Deals are cut within government circles from every corner of the globe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year—cut at public expense for the insiders’ profit."

The dollars meticulously cataloged and identified in the CAFRs are "public" funds and assets ready for our use to "buy" our country back from the current looters in office.

Painstaking analysis of these bureaucratically-produced reports document vast holdings at all levels of government. Some estimates claim that CAFRs reveal a 70 to 80 trillion (with a T) dollar amount of holdings in our country. More conservative estimates suggest 10 to 20 trillion dollars are revealed by city, county and state CAFRs alone.

Walter Burien has done extensive work revealing the CAFR information. More info can be found on his website at www.

My own very rough estimate of CAFR holdings breaks down to about $250,000 per American. Could a new political organization buy enough votes with a quarter million or so to promise to each voter? The Demopublicans will no longer be able to compete in the political marketplace. Their political capital will be gone—literally.

The CAFR Party

The CAFR Party needs only a single political platform: Once elected, CAFR Party members will investigate and determine what CAFR "holdings" are lawful and proper and which are in excess. The elected CAFR members will then cash out or sell off any excess and return the proceeds to the people of the venue covered by the particular CAFR source. This process is being developed by Burien and is called the Tax Retirement Fund (TRF).

This is a prime opportunity for the Libertarian, Constitution and Green Parties to get somewhere. If they can all agree to park any disparate ideals, principles and values for a couple of election cycles, join with each other and create the CAFR Party, they can finally become a real political force. In the process they will unravel the power of their Demopublican foes.

The CAFR Party won’t last long. It isn’t intended to. After several election cycles the money will be gone. There will be no political platform for the CAFR Party to stand on. But the Demopublican Regime will also be gone—exposed as the looters and liars that they are.

The various parties that formed the CAFR Party can then return to their ideals, principles and values and engage in genuine political debate about how to re-form America without the Demopublicans getting in the way of progress.

Looting the looters

As the flock of government "servants" has grown with the size of government, these unrestrained breeders have been lining their nests with public fleece. Forfeitures, fines, fees, retirement funds, investments, bonds, levees, special funds and all manner of holdings are revealed by the CAFRs.

In addition to these direct forms of profiteering at the public trough, much of the CAFR funds come from another questionable practice. Various tax increases such as a raised sales tax, property tax assessments and other new revenue sources are considered for their revenue potential over a given term. Investors then loan funds based upon these projected revenue sources and the various governmental entities then have monies that they can then quietly invest in assets and income-producing funds. The CAFRs are lined with trillion$ from these proceeds.

Burien explains that the trick is for the administrators of tax revenues to move funds outside "General Purpose Operating Funds." Once the funds are "off budget," taxpayer approval is no longer required and the money can be invested, spent or moved again without public oversight or disclosure.

In all fairness, not everything in the CAFRs is an act of criminal theft. Many legitimate funds and holdings are declared in the CAFRs. The proper assets of government should be protected by the CAFR Party, while the unlawfully-held assets should be returned. And that’s Trillion$—with a capital T!

The Social Security solution

Congress has been looting Social Security—the public’s sub-poverty-level, mandatory retirement plan—while padding its own private retirement funds. The CAFR Party could replenish the Social Security Trust Fund with illegitimately-acquired federal assets, raise the benefit to at least poverty level standards, transfer public employee retirement funds to Social Security and put all public employees, including members of Congress, on Social Security as the sole public retirement fund. That should end the looting of Social Security.

A big campaign promise

What can the CAFR Party make and keep as a campaign promise? For starters, how ‘bout a one-year paid vacation for every American? An ongoing stream of refunds may be forthcoming as more illegitimate CAFR funds are found. With the CAFR Party, every American will be a lottery winner. Wanna fight and win the War on Poverty? Vote CAFR!

Burien, who has spent most of his adult life engaged in high finance, blows our modest campaign platform concept out of the water by chanting "TRF, TRF, TRF…" He then makes the most outrageous campaign promise in U.S. history: "NO MORE TAXATION EVER!" he exclaimed.

The difference between Burien and read-my-lips-Bush (Sr.) is that his promise under TRF is doable and Bush was merely lying for political gain. "It can happen overnight and resident property owners (voters) can even get a dividend return in good years on top of NO TAXATION. Moreover," Burien explained, "there would be zero unemployment and workers would receive 100 percent of the productivity value of their labor."

Think of the prosperity that would return to America when people are able to spend more money, thus increasing the return on TRF investments. Even government would have more money to spend. "This is the way it should have been set up 100 years ago," Burien observed.

According to Burien, there are three power groups: The financial cartels, the people and governments. At this time the financial cartels have teamed up with governments to bilk the people. When the CAFR Party begins implementing TRF, the financial cartels will, for the first time in history, team up with the people and governments will slapped back into servant status where they belong. "By teaming the public and financial cartels together for the first time, with the same common objective [making and moving money] the necessary force is created to put the train back on track with the public’s true interests being served and all three power structures benefiting equally. No longer will we struggle to survive in a cash/tax/investment society, we will thrive and prosper in a cash/investment society," Burien explained.

Never mind the ideals, high principles and sincere motivation of the wannabe parties: Appeal to human greed and succeed!

The CAFR Party process

Remember, CAFRs are only reports which detail funds and assets held by many political entities across the country. CAFR Party members will have to get elected to a wide variety of official positions. County commissioners can find and disburse county- held assets. Mayors and City council members are in control of municipal funds. Legislators and state executive officers have the authority to manage state CAFR excesses, and the CAFR Party will have to achieve a majority in Congress and even the presidency to realize a return of the federal excesses detailed in federal CAFRs.

It may take several election cycles to achieve national success. Some venues will elect the CAFR Party and begin the CAFR "lottery winnings for all." For example, it only takes two county commissioners to achieve majority control of a county in Idaho. Once neighboring venues catch wind of the CAFR "winnings," the trickle could turn into a flood and the CAFR Party will take the country by storm.

Natural selection

What will happen when a human population receives such financial abundance? I predict there will be two results. One, the greedy, indolent, self-absorbed, consumerism junkies, previously mentioned, will become further debilitated from various ailments related to over consumption. Given sufficient funding over time, numerous addictions will ultimately thin out or sterilize that component of the human population.

Alternately, another segment of society will finally be able to acquire appropriate resources and apply their time and talents to make the world a better place for those who didn’t choose to destroy themselves with unfettered consumption.

A natural selection process and eventual improvement of the human species will likely be the long-term result of the CAFR refunds.

Terminate fascism

Fascism, by simple definition, is a combination of corporate and government interests united in a single governing political entity. Most people can be made to understand that corporations control our government, but the CAFRs reveal another side to the fascist equation. Approximately two-thirds of the money invested in the stock market, i.e., the capital funding of corporations, are these public funds detailed in the many CAFRs. The CAFR Party will be finding and cashing out these investments, which will ultimately disempower the corporate side of our current state of fascism. Fascism will be defunded and overthrown. Go CAFR Party, go!

Crash the FED

If the American people ever wish to be free, they must topple the Federal Reserve Bank (the FED). The FED is nothing less than slavery, theft and fraud. It has stolen our national economy by an unlawful act of Congress and it steals our productivity and savings through engineered inflation.

It’s ready to crumble any way, but the CAFR Party can direct and control the demise of this criminal enterprise. The FED’s precarious balloon economy cannot survive the demands of a CAFR Party cash out. Most of the FED economy does not physically exist. The CAFR Party’s demands for funds will prove this fact.

Bernard von NotHaus, architect of the Liberty Dollar, believes the FED dollars can be converted back to a silver-backed economy and G. Edward Griffin, in "The Creature from Jekyll Island," provides the recipe for such a transition without collapsing our economy. Bernie and Ed’s beliefs and theory will be tested when the CAFR Party succeeds. I, for one, will be converting much of my CAFR "winnings" to Liberty Dollars.

Alternately, the CAFR Party, once it achieves control of the federal government, can keep the cash flowing and give the FED a taste of its own medicine. Currently, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving prints FED "notes" and sells them to the FED for about eight cents each. The FED then issues the notes to satisfy the cash component of the money it loans into existence from thin air. This FED-created "money" is the source of inflation and the ongoing devaluation of FED "dollars."

The CAFR Party could keep the presses rolling but directly issue the same FED "notes" to fulfill society’s immediate cash needs. This could have other benefits, as we will soon see.

The FED would no longer have a ready source of new cash and therefore be limited to FED "dollars" held in their bank’s "accounts" (fictional holdings). The FED dollars will naturally devalue as the presses keep rolling, just as they do now. But the profit that comes from inflation, caused by such a cash influx, will be collected by the CAFR Party-controlled Treasury, instead of the FED.

With the FED unable to get new cash and shackled to its "accounts" of devaluing "dollars," an interesting reversal may occur. Instead of heading towards the FED’s brave new cashless society, with everything run through its FED bank accounts, we might end up cash rich, in the CAFR Party’s "accountless" society!

The Econowar

This transition won’t happen without a struggle. The FED-powers-that-be have been meticulously planning their silent coup for over a century. They aren’t going to simply comply with CAFR Party demands for payment.

The CAFR Party will be cashing out CAFR "assets," many of which are held in FED banks. The cash component of our present "economy" is somewhere around two percent. The remainder is FED bank accounting fiction.

How will the CAFR Party disburse the CAFR refunds? By carefully linking the amount of cash printed and distributed to the amount of CAFR assets recovered or holdings withdrawn from the FED’s "accounts." Much of the FED and government lootings taken over the course of the last century can be recovered and returned to the American people without collapsing the economy. The FED’s cupboards will eventually become bare.

Few people realize that, in addition to creating the FED and giving it the power over our nation’s economy, Congress also gave this private bank many of our former Treasury Department buildings soon after the FED was created. The Statutes at Large, a chronologically-organized codification of the Acts of Congress, details this graft give-away.

The CAFR Party will have to re-establish Treasury Centers from which CAFR proceeds can be disbursed—a sort of U.S. Cash Bank network—no saving or checking accounts, just cash disbursement to American citizens.

Eventually, after the FED has been cashed out, the CAFR Party can use Griffin’s recipe to transition the circulating FED notes back into a constitutional, silver-backed economy.

Defeat the Chinese invasion

The Chinese government is engaged in a quiet war with us. They are defeating us through commerce. Our industry and technology have been shipped there. We have a major imbalance of trade with China. We buy Chinese goods because they are cheap and our government’s regulatory and taxation policies, combined with the FED’s inflationary schemes, keep us relatively impoverished. And they own a large chunk of us.

China holds an estimated $750 billion (and maybe more) in treasury bills. Many of the CAFR funds are in the bond market and much of that market is T-Bills. With the CAFR cash out, the bond market will be devalued from a sell-off. This will diminish the value of China’s T-Bill holdings, which are an obligation to be paid in FED "notes." China’s devalued T-Bills can then be purchased with excess CAFR funds or cargo plane loads of FED "notes" fresh out of the CAFR Party-controlled printing presses.

With ample CAFR cash refunds we can afford to buy American again and give a jumpstart to the reemergence of entrepreneurial American ingenuity.

Free the third world

Similarly, most third-world countries have been indentured to the FED’s evil twin, the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They can be helped along by planeloads of fresh cash, either by the direct and organized generosity of the soon-to-be-wealthy American people, or a CAFR Party foreign aid program. Our Third World neighbors can pay back their IMF loans directly with freshly-printed FED notes and keep their resources, which the IMF demanded for collateral. This would free the Third World from the yoke of the international banksters.

Support our troops—really!

Many Americans claim to support our troops but most of that support begins and ends with the magnetic, made-in-China yellow ribbon decals affixed to their cars. With trillion$ of CAFR funds, the CAFR Party could develop a special fund to provide quality health care for our wounded veterans. The current Demopublican regime is literally kicking wounded Iraq veterans out on the street and sending them a bill for their medical care.

Fund the treason trials!

The scope of treasonous behavior by many officials in government is immense. It will be an enormous task to prosecute them all. Some of the CAFR funds can be dedicated by the CAFR Party to try the criminals in the current regime and build gallows.

The only real solution

The CAFR Party is the only alternative to the Demopublican regime that can succeed. At the very least, by bringing the CAFR issue to the political table, it will raise public awareness that government has been operated as a criminal enterprise benefiting looting politicians and their minions.

The CAFR Party will succeed because it appeals to the greed and baseness of the American people. In the process, it can turn this country around.

There are Trillion$ of "dollars" just waiting for you and me. Join the CAFR movement and start a CAFR Party in your area. You can make the difference—and a lot of money!

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