From the March 2002 Idaho Observer:

“When you get people into a reactionary position you've already won”

The very wise and wiley man who introduced me to Ed Snook of The Oregon Observer and is, therefore, responsible for The Idaho Observer being born states as a matter of interpersonal fact that the above is true.

And he is right.

The key, then, is positioning yourself to press the advantage and maintain the upper hand.

The possibility that the J.A.I.L. initiative could be passed into law scares the establishment to death. So many people have been so badly damaged by abusive judges that it is a foregone conclusion that a citizens' initiative for judicial accountability will pass by popular vote when it gets that far.

The ability for judges to lawlessly and discompassionately abuse the citizenry with immunity is the cornerstone of the state's ability to exploit and enslave them.

The blatant attempts by the state to sabotage judicial accountability proves that it is threatened by the initiative. These antics rather brightly illumuminate the 'us v. them' arrogance in government that has caused judicial abuse to become a state and national disaster in the first place.

The state, through the AG's office, is being reactionary to our simple and just desire for justice. We have already won. We must press the advantage and keep the upper hand until judicial accountability becomes the law next November.

The people are in a position to pass a law intended to remove immunity from judges who criminally or unethically abuse their authority. How absurd that we must pass a law demanding that judges be held to the same standard of lawful behavior as ordinary people. (~DWH)

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